Baby Fruit Bat


Fruit Bat do much more than just allow it to fly. They also allow them to stay warm during roosting. They wrap up in those wings to conserve their body heat. They live in colonies that are very large in size because they feel safer with numbers.

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Baby Fruit Bat

Baby Fruit Bat

Once mating has occurred they will carry the young in their bodies for about six months. The females will give birth to only one young at a time. It is going to be fully dependent upon her as the wings aren’t strong enough until they are six weeks old for flying.

The young will stay with their mother, even when she is out looking for food. They will cling to her body with claws that allow them to effortlessly remain in place. The Fruit Bat won’t take part in mating when they are struggling for habitat or to find food. It is believed this is a natural process for them that allows them to ensure overpopulation doesn’t occur in any given area where they live.

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