Flying Fox Bat


The behaviors of the Giant Golden-Crowned Flying-Fox Bat around the water is also interesting. They take a great deal of care with personal grooming. They will use their wings to scoop the water up and put it all over the body. They wash frequently in the water, taking their time to do so.


Flying Fox Bat

Flying Fox Bat is a rare species, and one that features very long wings. In fact, they are so long that it is often seen with them wrapped around the body like a cloak. The wings can end up being up to five feet wide when fully displayed. They weigh about 2 ½ pounds.

They even have a golden brown fur on their head that further shows such a resemblance. The rest of the body, including the wings, are black. However, DNA profiling shows that this species of bat is not related to the fox. They don’t have a tail which is typical of fruit bats.

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