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The adaptability and versatility of the Raccoonenables it to live just about anywhere. They are mainly found around North America. They also are able to survive in tropical regions.

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Raccoon can be large and they have a series of gray, brown, and black on their bodies. Around the eyes is black and they have some areas of white too. The tail has stripes of black, white, and gray on them. They have very small hands that they can use for a variety of needs.

The Raccoon is very intelligent and they can problem solve. They can get into just about anything and that is why many people think they are a pest. They can open doors, drawers, trash cans, and other items that would normally keep other critters out of your territory. They are excellent climbers and can be high up in the trees in no time at all.

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2 reviews for Raccoon

  1. Yi Fang

    Raccoons will be my spiritual animals. Super cute fuzzies.

  2. Wonnie Park

    Oh my friends! I have a raccoon family in our backyard. Every night whole family comes for food. My cats get along with them very well.

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