Baby Russian Tortoise


Common Name: Russians Tortoise
Scientific Name: Agrionemys Horsfieldii
Current Size: 2″ +/-
Average Adult Size: 6-8″ (females larger)Species: Testudo horsfieldii
Sex: Unsexed
Length: 2-4 inches
Diet: grass, vegetation, prepared diet
Area of Origin: Several countries between Eastern Europe and Western China



Russian Tortoise For Sale

Baby Russian Tortoise is a light sandy colored tortoise that comes from the steppes of Uzbekistan located between Russia and the Middle East. The males of the species tend to be slightly smaller than the females and are both gentle creatures that are commonly found in the pet trade. Our baby Russian tortoises for sale are healthy, captive bred and born specimens raised under optimum conditions.

Baby Tortoise

This tortoise is naturally a browser, eating broadleaf weeds and low leaves from bushes and shrubs. In captivity, Russian tortoises will graze on leafy weeds, dandelion, clover, and most other leafy greens provided to them.

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