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Baby Purple Passion Ball Python


Species: Python regius
Length: 14-16 inches
Diet: rodents
Other Info: Multiple Animals Available – Pics May Vary


Baby Purple Passion Ball Python

Baby Purple Passion Ball Python is a beautifully purple colored member of the blue eyed lucy complex. Our Baby Purple Passion Ball Pythons for sale are made using the combination of the Mojave Ball and the Phantom Ball.

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Male, Female, Pair


One, Pair

2 reviews for Baby Purple Passion Ball Python

  1. Christ Stewat

    I needed an adult Ball Python for a presentation…the next day (and to add to my collection). I had seen Exotic Pet’s home quite a few times but had never ordered from them. It seemed too good and easy to be true, the prices were so low, the guarantee’s too good and the interface so easy. After I emailed back and forth with the sales team, I felt really comfortable ordering. How I felt before I ordered was nothing compared to after. They emailed me and went out of their way to make sure I was getting exactly the animal we had talked about after I ordered. They assured me she would get to me the next morning before my presentation, and she did. Beautiful, healthy, full grown female ball python. I got so many compliments on how pretty she was it made my head spin. They must handle all their animals every day until they ship too, she was completely comfortable being held and picked up and even let a long line of kids get their photo with her. She was the star of the show! I’m ordering from Backwater Reptiles from now on, in fact I’m placing another order next week and I’m stoked. As with most online orders you expect to be a little disappointed because nothing’s ever as good as the photo. I’m stoked because I know what I get will be exceed my expectations. Best customer service ever! These guys are awesome!

  2. Ronnie Roberts

    Bought two red blood pythons back in March and just wanted to let you know both are very healthy beautiful and have tamed down perfectly! The female is getting close to 3ft already male is a few inches smaller and both are quite fat. Thank you again they’re amazing pets; if possible would love pictures of their parents.

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